iOS 9 beta 1 / iOS 9 beta 2 – Bug Fixes and Changes


23 июня Apple выпустила для разработчиков вторую бету iOS 9. Первая бета имела несколько проблем, среди основных – безмерный аппетит к батарее. Посмотрим как бета 2.

Основные изменения в iOS 9 beta 2:
– 13А4280e – номер сборки новой прошивки
– iOS 9, автоматически удаляет приложения в случае нехватки места в памяти устройства при установке обновлений ПО
– Исправлена проблема с аккумулятором, который в первой бете садился за считанные часы
– Корпуса устройств с iOS 9 теперь меньше нагреваются
– Проблема с разным уровнем громкости для разных приложений также решена
– Несколько увеличилась стабильность и производительность системы
– Уменьшилась скорость анимации карточек в Панели многозадачности
– Решена проблема с отключением вибрации
– В iOS 9 beta 2 улучшен перевод интерфейса на русский язык
– Экран Proactive в нашей стране стал более функциональнее. Появились заявленные ранее функции, к примеру, решение простых математических примеров
– Обновлена иконка милосердия Подкасты, а приложение-компаньон смарт-часов сменило название на Watch
– В Панели многозадачности появилась карточка запущенного на соединённом по Handoff устройстве приложении
– В настройках iCloud появился переключатель ноаостног сервиса News
– В клавиатуре для iPad обновились иконки отмены и возврата к предыдущему действию

Continuing the tradition from previous betas….

Post any bugs, new features, or changes in iOS 9 beta 1 that you notice compared to iOS 8.3 or 8.4 betas. This is a wikipost so anyone can edit in their findings.

As always, be sure to report any and all bugs to (a developer account is not required to do this)

Build #: 13A4254v

– Downloading apps is buggy on iPhone 6
– Long bootup times on iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus/iPad Air 2 (probably all devices)
– “Updated June X, 2015” (App Store) is aligned with changelog in landscape, but seemingly random placement in portrait
– Searching in settings, following the link, going back, deleting the search term, following a setting and then going back to the main settings screen defaults back to last searched term
– Searching for Apps in Spotlight miss to show the folder
– No sound in phone calls on iPhone 6 Plus
– Pressing “Use side switch to:” in settings gives footer text which reads ROTATE-FOOTER instead of the copy text (@JWalker1995 )
– missed “delete all” in mail trash
– iCloud backup shows as 0kb and is inaccessible to download. (Must restore in iOS 8 to fix.)
– Muffled voice during calls on iPhone 5 (A1428) AT&T Carrier [Siri and Voice Memos works fine]
– Music Playlist duplicates when you sync with iTunes

New features/changes:
– System wide – San Francisco font
– Proactivity
– News app (Not available yet)
– Wallet app
– Split-screen multitasking on iPad Air 2
– Picture in picture feature
– Notes app (drawing, text formatting, checklists, pictures)
– Note folders can be created from iOS app
– Notes can now be viewed in full screen (without divider) on iPad like on iPhone 6 Plus
– TouchID can have a 6 digit passcode instead of 4
– Maps (Transit, Nearby)
– CarPlay improvements
– Slide Over feature on iPad
– Keyboard changes the letters to capitals or lowercase
– iCloud Drive app
– Option to change Mute switch to Rotation lock
– Find My Friends now a built-in app
– Find My iPhone now a built-in app
– Search in Settings
– New languages in Siri, including Norwegian, and new dialects for English, French, German and Dutch
– E-mail attachments
– Swipe cursor with two finger works also on iPhone
– Video camera resolution and FPS can be changed
– Notifications in Notification Center can be ungrouped
– Selection faster in photo app (like google photos, press and hold and select multiple photos)
– Podcast app redesign.
– Contact pictures now show in Messages on iPhone 6
– Siri can now use an accent (same language) which differs from your input language.
– Setting a wallpaper in Settings allows you to choose between ‘Still’ or ‘Perspective’ movement.
– Keychain passwords have been moved to the first page of safari in settings
– You can now use Touch ID to authenticate to view stored keychain info
– Contact picture and name centered in Contacts app, iPad Air 2
– Tapping on a notification will add a ‘return to previous app’ button in the status bar of the app you just switched to
– Contacts have Facetime/call buttons when searching with Spotlight
– No “Use iPhone for cellular calls”, iPad Air 2 — Edit: This is in FaceTime sction under “Calls from iPhone”
– New HDR selector in Camera
– New Widgets/Notifications section in landscape Notification Center for iPad
– Buttons in Assisstive Touch can be customized
– Reminders shows number of overdue items for each list next to title
– On the lock screen, double clicking the home button brings up Wallet/Apple Pay
– Pressing the “enter” key sends messages in Messages app
– iBooks has a Safari extension to turn a webpage into a PDF and open it in iBooks
– You can now choose to have Siri be muted with the mute switch
– Swiping down on home screen opens Spotlight with cursor in search field and keyboard ready to type
– Auto fill in passwords gives you an option to chose between all saved passwords for the same website
– Exchange email – search in subjects of the mails
– Reminder prompts now offer options to remind in 15 minutes, 1 hour or tomorrow
– New Accessibility option to Show Lowercase Keys
– New option to hide character preview as you type
– QuickType bar has slightly different color
– New battery widget in Notification Center (only when connected to a Bluetooth device)
– Gesture to go forward in safari is changed. Maybe to not interfere with multitasking in iPad, you have to go left and then fast right to go forward
– New cursor 2 finger move works also in custom keyboard, putting fingers on page and not on keyboard
– Safari Favorites now only display five icons per row when accessing on a website.
– Option in alarm sound settings to disable Vibration or choose a custom one.
– Notification banners stay until dismissed.
– Safari has Content Blockers option
– Redesigned Safari “Close Tab” button
– Spotlight Search includes Calculator App support, now behaves like OSX.
– Spotlight animation changed to swipe in from the right when opening apps
– Safari “Find on page” and “Request Desktop Version” now accessed from Share Sheet, new UI
– Audiobooks can now be found in the iBooks app instead of the music app.

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