Apple iOS 9.0 Beta 5 build 13A4325c / iOS 9.0 Public Beta 3

06 августа 2015 года компания Apple выпустила одновременно Apple iOS 9.0 Beta 5 build 13A4325c и iOS 9.0 Public Beta 3.

Apple iOS 9.0 Beta 5 build 13A4325c

Список изменений в этой версии:
• own vibration patterns doesn’t works anymore.

• set custom tones working again.
• many apps that crashed with any previous beta are running fine now.
• Phantom apps in ‘Settings -> Spotlight Search’ are gone.
• Siri suggestions are back (were missing in b4 for certain users).
• Spotlight search is up-to-speed.

• New wallpapers (and some older wallpapers removed) (Example).
• New option to disable shake to undo.
• New Regulatory section in General Settings.
• Added option to use “Wi-Fi Assist” in Cellular settings to “automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor”.
• New shift key and backspace key.
• CarPlay now better supports Beats 1 and Music features including ‘liking’ tracks, artwork is also displayed differently behind the controls than with previous versions of iOS.
• Keyboard shortcuts now called “Text Replacements” within Keyboard settings.
• Page forward in Safari back to usual gesture (swipe left).


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